Martin Wood

Location: Peterborough

Let us allow Martin to tell you a little about himself:-

“I am originally from Hove in East Sussex, one of five children and part of a substantial extended family of cousins. My mother was from Ireland, and she had eleven brothers and sisters! On my father’s side most of his brothers and sisters raised six,or seven, children and they largely congregated in the Brighton and Hove area. At one point we had a family connection in every class of the school from primary stage up to the Sixth Form, so a very family orientated upbringing.

At eighteen I wandered along the coast to Devon to read Economics at Exeter University and then in the Eightees I found myself in London studying to be an Accountant. How that happened, I do not know, as I had always wanted to be an Airline Pilot, like my father, but I found I was slightly short-sighted and they would not let me in!

So, eventually, I qualified and at the same time met my wife Penny and we followed her parents out of London to Peterborough to try out a new place. I commuted to London for a year, or two, and then I felt it might be a good idea to set up my own business. So I became Martin J Wood & Co operating from a shed in my garden. I knew I had made it then! All I needed were some clients. Slowly I struggled to build up a practice and then in 2001 I teamed up with Howard and Anthony and we formed GrossKleinWood and I joined Howard and Anthony as a partner in their established practice in Central London. We secured the building at 75 Park Road in Peterborough and GKW was on the move.

The Practice has grown substantially from those early days and we hope it will continue to grow. I love the interaction with clients and I am constantly impressed with the imagination and resilience of business people in the UK.

I live fairly near the Practice and Penny and I have two lovely children. My main interests are books, films, sport and we have recently taken up walking (not just to the car but proper walks) and we are hoping to do a lot more of that over the next few years.

So that, in a nutshell, is me Martin Wood!

I am sure that I, my partners and staff, can help you grow your business by listening to you, working with you and using our training and many years of experience. Do join us.”